Stefanie Clausen received a private training in ballet, modern and musical dance during school time and danced as a member of „Tanzproduktion B“ and „Theater-Dance Company Sylvia Kurth“ in Bonn, Germany in several productions. While studying classical singing at the Music Conservatory, she discovered her passion for Argentine Tango.


Since 1998 she is dancing and teaching with Jost Budde and since 2001 with Andrea Stegmeier regularly at tanzhaus nrw Duesseldorf . Based on the traditional argentine tango music and its dance styles, she follows curiously the new tendencies in that social dance, combining old with new, always searching simplicity and joy of movement.

As a member of the company "Teatro Tango"  (management Jost Budde) Stefanie danced in productions like "FM Piazzolla" (2002) at tanzhaus nrw, "Tango Tango" (2004), "Tango Sí" (2009,2011 and 2013) at Tonhalle Duesseldorf. She also likes the artistic exchange happening while working with other tango dancers in various smaller projects, like it is happening for example with Raúl Navalpotro (Madrid) since 2014.

From 2009 to 2014 she worked additionally as a DJane with a great passion for the tango music on several tango events, festivals and marathons throughout Europe. Actually she is taking a break in djing because of family reasons...:-)


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Stefanie Clausen